Keeping winter pests OUT!

Keeping winter pests out is pretty much the same as pest prevention all year round; check the outside of your house, business or workshop for small holes that act as access points and seal them up – you wouldn’t believe how small hole mice, rats or any rodent for that matter can squeeze in to!

Apart from the attraction of the warmth during winter months, most pests are attracted by leftovers, keep bins and worktops clear of any leftover food, food containers and lids – even dog and cat food can act as a pest magnet!

Our pest control technicians are always on hand, 24 hours, seven days a week – if you suspect you have a winter pest problem – book an appointment here.

Common Winter Pests in England!

1. Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats often seek food and shelter as their natural food sources dry up over the winter period – usually, these rodents are attracted by items in the kitchen, leftover food, cereal boxes left open and unemptied bins.

2. Squirrels

These cute and fluffy creatures are still pests in their own right – often confused for rats or mice, squirrels cause havoc in British homes – grey squirrels, if caught, must be humanly destroyed as in the UK it is against the law to re-release a grey squirrel into the wild.